March 9, 2010

Attention! New weekly Blog Feature Coming Your Way!!!!

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Sullivan’s travels :: 

      The basis of this blog is to travel around with Spacecraft Astronaut the world renowned Surf/ Snow/Art/Culture Photographer and accomplished musician Scott Sullivan. Join him on his adventures with some of the world’s top professional Snowboarders and Surfers on their mission to capture some of the most 

progressive riding weather it be snow or waves, and searching for the ultimate conditions to provide high quality imagery to share with the masses. 

Experience what it is like to fly around in a helicopter up in Alaska with top up and comer Jake Blauvelt, figuring out which one of the sea of 

endless peaks you want to be dropped off on and find your way down. Hang in Switzerland with Nicolas Muller arguably one of the best 

snowboarders in the world at his home in Laax and explore what’s in his back yard. Combine these adventures with Scott’s musical talent blended in along 

the way and you’re in for a sweet ride! 

Spacecraft Commander Scott Sullivan

Spacecraft Commander Scott Sullivan

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